Mr. Johnson's Uniquities

While in Seattle, we decided to try and find some thrift, vintage, and antique stores. I'd never scoured stores on the West Coast and wanted to see what I could find! We went to 5 stores and I was feeling a little disappointed. We'd found about 6 things which, for a FULL day time investment, wasn't our best day on the road. 

Our last ditch effort brought us to Mr. Johnson's Antiques. With great reviews on Google, late store hours, and a quick phone call - I knew this was the place. We finally arrived via Uber and I was ecstatic as soon as I looked in the window. Matthew (Mr. Johnson's first name) and I have very similar taste.

In no time I started to pick one, then three, then several things and piled them on the checkout desk. Mr. Johnson and I talked the whole time and I learned several things about pieces he had, pieces I own, and general things about antiques.

One of my favorite things I learned? I have always wondered why the Chinese depict cats in such an odd fashion. They are always smaller than real life, they shared odd, incorrect facial characteristics, and just seemed more mythical than real life. Mr. Johnson explained: "The Chinese, hundreds of years ago, actually had no idea what certain types of cats looked like. They didn't have them in China and so they based their visuals on the few written texts they had and stories they heard." Over the years, the depictions of cats became cultural rather than factual. I laughed and realized how much more sense that made than conclusions I tried to draw. 

We bought a few jewelry pieces from Mr. Johnson as well as some great home accessories. Go check them out on our website where anything from Mr. Johnson's collections will say so in the first line! 

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