Our Guest Bathroom

So like all good stories, this one starts in tragedy. We bought our 1976 house a little over a year ago and we've been working on it pretty much non-stop. We were really near a break point where we were hoping to take a month or two to pay off our credit cards and keep moving on with renovations. 

Then a friend stayed over...

We let our friend stay in the guest room and didn't think anything of it until he took a shower and asked us where our extra towels were. I wanted to know why he was asking, went upstairs, and found a little over an inch of water across the bathroom floor. Wasn't too sure whether to scream or eat a banana. We mopped up everything and waited to see what was going to happen. 

Two days later, water stains showed up in the master bedroom ceiling and I lost no sleep. I called Ed Hilton, the greatest contractor on the planet, and told him I need fans, mold remediation, and a kick in the pants. We called insurance in the morning. 

Whole long story short, we received insurance money that actually did cover the damage to the bathroom but not to the flooring upstairs which needs to be completely replaced. But hey - I'll take what I can get! 

Our total bathroom renovation period was 12 weeks and was a complete gut job. Our bathroom had a full-wall mirror, blue counters, blue cabinets, a blue shower, blue accents, and can you guess what color toilet? Yep, blue. When we ripped out the drop-in shower we discovered a rat's nest in it - mega disgusting. And when we ripped out the toilet we saw our water damage and someone else's from years ago. Here are some images for your viewing pleasure. 

Mmmmmm. Beautiful right? 

So then I had to scheme - how do I make this the bathroom of my dreams? I started by picking colors (teal and mustard) and honestly those colors mean nothing to me I just like them. I then thought about what my big focal points in the room would be. I have ALWAYS loved a clawfoot bath tub and have always said I would own one. So naturally that was number one. Number two, I wanted a statement window. Finally, I wanted a recessed arch way above my toilet. 

First things first was popping in a 48" round, impact glass window (I live in FL, impact is a must). 

Then I found a tub on Offerup that would work for the space. It was an antique tub, approx. 115 years old, with white porcelain feet and interior. Because it's an older tub, it weighs a delightful 300 or so pounds. Don't forget, we had to bring this up stairs... The tub was really important to me to recycle. I really try not to buy new things when so many old and fantastic-quality items come up for sale at a fraction of the cost of new. I bought this tub and refinished it, painted it, and painted the feet myself. We also plugged the old faucet holes so that there was more room in the tub for lounging. 

Then we simply added the recessed arch way... which btw you can do in any wall at any time...

And with that, my focal points were done! I've always wanted a solid wood ceiling so I added that to my wish list a little later on and added that as well. 

The rest honestly came together with luck and constant searching! I found a painting where the subject was wearing a teal and mustard dress. I found a rug the exact palette. All these things fell in to place to give me the final result. I added two large ferns because I LOVE any and all greenery in rooms and there is actually enough natural light in this space that they can be real! 

Some small details I've been asked about a lot. 

My towels came from Parachute Home. You can find the exact set by clicking here.


My swan faucet came from amazon! Click here to see the exact product. I will warn you that this is very tricky to install and is not a good faucet for a diy switch. It works flawlessly but its small hoses make it very difficult to install with normal water pressure. 

My tile came from Wayfair. Click here to see the exact tile - they are still on sale!

The art work is the type of thing I source all the time and I buy from auction houses, wholesalers I work with, and from my personal collection. 

I hope this journey through our construction transition was an interesting one! If you have ANY questions regarding any of this, just submit them under the Interior Design page :). 


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