The Why and the How

I've always loved writing. I hoped at one point in my life I'd find a reason to write but with social media, AI, and everything else coming into the mix - I didn't think the world yearned for my short story ideas. 

I've always been borderline obsessive. I will scroll eBay until my eyes burn to find something I'm looking for. The quantity of search alerts on my phone are comical between FB market place, Offerup, and others. I will try, with no reasonable motive, five brands of the same product hoping to find the best one. I don't want to overpay, I also don't want to cheapest piece of crap I can find. 

Succinctly: I've always hated subpar standards. 

After having a baby I realized a couple key things I thought may make this endeavor mildly interesting to you, the reader:

1. Health is backwards. The medical community and its affiliates will lie to your face. I have found the secret to happiness, health, wellness, longevity, bliss, luxurious hair, great communication with your partner, more friends, more energy, drive at work, sexier clothes, and just about every other good thing you can think of boil down to: nutrition (note I did not say diet), exercise, and no meds. I'm sure an audience member in the back is sharpening their pitch fork and coming up with a riveting excuse as to why these things are impossible or don't apply - especially the meds. I'm here to tell you it's your upper lip. It's hard work to change these key life elements but they help you lead a more fulfilling life. Listen to your body, put thought into what you put into your mouth (p.s. maybe food shouldn't be fast?!), take care of your exterior, and learn that physical pain is a part of life. 

2. Why waste your life? You only get one shot, one 85-year-ish whirl around the world. Put the kitchen of your dreams in your house and don't cut corners (feel free to shop around but avoid the builder grade). Send your child to a beautiful place to learn. Garden and fill your yard with flowers. Plate your food in a beautiful way. Dress your child to match your outfit. Place silk scarves around your dogs' necks. Say yes when your friend invites you somewhere. For the love of god, put art on your walls. Think of others while you are at it. If you see a registry, maybe buy a more expensive item because that's what you'd appreciate. Create occasion for small surprises. Listen to your significant other. Engage with your children (the tv/iPhone/iPad/anything with a screen is a terrible substitute). Maybe the first box checked on this list - read - for the benefit of you and others. 

It is with these things in mind that I will take the time to walk you through some of my experiences. There were key books and things I learned that really changed my mind and perspective - I'll give you my super opinionated cliff notes. Big spoiler, if you don't like my opinions, I respect that. Feel free to read someone else's blog. This blog is meant to be helpful to those looking for things like I was and am who enjoy a similar life philosophy. I can't cater to everyone and I am not even going to remotely try. 

I'll try to give a preview at the end of every post about what the next one will be about. No promises but seems like something I'd like as a reader. Up next: Hormones: Unscientifically Analyzed. 

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